I met Denise in 2004. I first hired her to do my taxes. Now she develops my marketing and business strategies. She has been an amazing mentor & support system for me through out the years!

Leslie Morand, Owner
Le Vie Skincare

Working with Denise is so easy, she is fresh, approachable and always has a quick fun idea that will boost your biz!

Wendy Smith Divine Sunless Tan

Denise is a talented entrepreneur. She has two complimentary business threads that can only go bigger. Bigger yet is her spirit, intelligence and world wise savvy.Denise is a lovely person, has a can do attitude and you will be reading about her in the future. She takes a basic business concept, embellishes it and adds her genius. Voila! Brand new business with a killer concept.

Terra Paley

Denise gives me encouragement to get things done and focus. When I don’t even know what to focus on.

Janet Eicher

I was working with Denise about my fear of using the word “expert” when it came to promoting my services for social media consulting and management.

I told her it felt egotistical and braggy. Denise asked me if I thought I was an expert and I said, “YES!” She replied, “Then use it, embrace it and call yourself an expert. No one wants to work with a mediocre consultant, right?”

Calling myself an expert has increased my awareness of the quality of work I produce and has pushed me to educate myself more and BE the expert I proclaim to be.”

Katie Kay

“I really appreciate you! It’s so nice to know I finally have someone on my team, helping me. You are amazing!!”

Margaret Spencer, Owner DRES

The plan you sent me was just what I needed to *see* it and “work the numbers” to bring the dream into deeper fruition. You were so generous with not only your time, but also your enthusiasm and realism. A great blend in today’s businesswoman.

Jill Pagano