WooWoo to WooHoo

Does manifesting sound WooWoo to you?  It does to some people…kinda new age and counter culture.  What if manifesting has been used by people around the world for decades?  What if it works?

We all know and love the classic holiday movie “A Christmas Story”.  Ralphie was a master of manifesting.    He was very clear on what he wanted for Christmas – a the Red Ryder BB gun.  Although his mom and dad, teacher, and even Santa Claus tried to dissuade him his stuck to his guns, so to speak.

No one was surprised on Christmas morning when there was a Red Ryder BB gun under the tree for Ralphie.

He followed the three key pieces of Manifesting which are:

Identify your end result whatever it is:

Write a book

Get paid to speak

Buy a new house

Buy a new car

Abundance and Happiness

Picture yourself already there.

Take Action – it’s not enough to think about your goals, you must move in the general direction of your desires.  Manifesting is more than sitting on your sofa staring at your vision board….it requires movement.

Connect with the right people

Take a class

Tell people what you want

The Universe will know your intentions and open new circumstances to you.

Don’t Sweat the How’s

The Universe will provide more “How’s” then you possibly imagine.   God listens to us, takes cues from our actions.   What if you turned “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.” into “What you wish for, you just might get.”


Angels among us

Divine intervention

We use these terms to explain the unexplainable.  Use manifesting to make your end results your new reality.

A short story about my manifesting journeys.  My end result was to me a paid speaker and my skills were low at this point.  I joined Toastmasters to boost my wring and speaking skills.  Six months later I was asked to do my “Financially Savvy” presentation to FemCity Seattle.  I was happy to do at no charge since I was new at speaking engagements.

Three weeks before the event I was contacted by a friend of an attendee and landed a $3,000 accounting project.  Then two other women who were at the event hired me and suddenly I made over $6,000 from an unpaid speaking gig.  Understand that the “How” didn’t matter I was now a paid speaker.

If I can do it, I guarantee it you can too.

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