If you are looking for strategies and solutions that get results,  you’re in the right place.    I love to find more profit in businesses.  As the Profit Strategist, I look at where you are today, where you want to be in 6 months, and together we develop an Action Plan to get you there. 

My approach to business is from the financial side.  Money drives Sales, Marketing, and Operations and controls every business decision.  

I’ve learned, in my more than 30 years running businesses, what works and what doesn’t using my special blend of plans and strategies. 

Which of these do you have?


Running a business without a plan leads to confusion and chaos. Successful businesses like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Whole Foods have a plan that positions them to deal with a range of possible futures but then hones in on what they need for the future that actually arrives. Isn’t it exhausting to run your business by the seat of your pants? 

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Denise is not just another coach; she is a strategic visionary who helps you define your goals and map out a course to achieve them.  After working with Denise I left with a clear trajectory of what I needed to do next, she followed up and is still walking me through the steps I need to take.  Rochelle Vinson, Nanny Pros Inc.

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    This line was delivered by Olivia Pope in the first episode of the third season.   She was right.  She is never out of options. The second season left us with Olivia being exposed as the president’s mistress.  Not understanding the impact, she leaves to go for a run.  When she’s met with a crash of... [Read More]